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Issues to Explore




  1. Reruralizing people
    1. Equity and Vitality
    2. "Resettling" the countryside
      1. Permanence in the landscape
      2. What is a SETTLED landscape?
        1. UGBs are too ephemeral, need built signal for edges
        2. Edges need enduring value
    3. What does the new ag worker look like?
    4. How do you build rural communities with cultural value on par with cities?
      1. Rebuild critical mass of people
      2. What would it take to entice people back to the country?
      3. Rebuild infrastructure
      4. Rebuild community resources
  2. How do you quantify the benefits of urban edge ag?
    1. Institutionalizing these values
    2. Incentives
    3. Land use schemes


Books and Authors


  1. Jacobson, Yvonne: book on ag in the valley of the heart's delight
  2. Katz, David: metropolitan food systems
  3. Lockeretz, William: sustaining agriculture near cities




  1. Ecology and Society
  2. Journal of Rural Studies
  3. Agriculture and Human Values
  4. Growth and Change
  5. Agricultural and Resource Economics Review
  6. Planning and Markets
  7. Economic Development Quarterly




  1. Read through IURD and GMS websites
  2. Find searchable database on SAREP site, projects they've funded
    1. Preservation/enhancement of urban edge ag
    2. Metropolitan ag
    3. Regional ag
  3. Conferences: print programs, highlight key speakers, summarize conference content
  4. Journals: what do leading journals focus on?
  5. Funders: maintain database
  6. Institutions: identify key people
    1. Toronto area, Cornell: Alethea to follow up
    2. Tufts, UBC, Davis, Agroecology: Sibella to follow up



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