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Contribute Your Ideas


Please share your ideas below; when you leave a comment, include your name or initials and the date in YYYY-MM-DD format (ex: AMH 2006-09-14)


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People Who Might Like to be Involved


  • Rob Thayer (AMH 2006-09-14)
  • Lia Fernald (AMH 2006-09-14)
  • etc etc


Research Ideas


  • Farm Typologies (AMH 2006-09-14)


Relevant Existing Research Projects






  • Growing Greener Cities (AMH 2006-09-14)
  • Farming on the Edge: The Next Generation (AMH 2006-09-14)
  • AMA (AMH 2006-09-14)
  • APA (AMH 2006-09-14)
  • Society, Human Values and Environment (AMH 2006-09-14)
  • etc etc


Other Relevant Events


  • UCB Food Systems Group lecture series (AMH 2006-09-14)
  • etc etc


UC Courses to Tie Into


  • LA 201: Ecological Factors in Urban Landscape Design (AMH 2006-09-14)
  • CP 290/PH 298: Built Environment and Health (AMH 2006-09-14)

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